When Bollywood superstar Zain Zaidi makes an entry in gourmet baker Pia Shrergill’s life, her simple and well organized (mostly cut to boring) life almost immediately turns upside down. Both belonged to two very different worlds altogether wherein Zain was always under the constant glaring and watchful media eyes and Pia was under the radar of her desi mom who had her own sweet plans to find the nicest groom available and deport her at the earliest and through the shortest possible route to her Sasural i.e. her would be in-laws place. Pia always knew that the advent of Zain Zaidi could not be considered as good news, not the least for her, and she had her reasons for the same. Pia, self admittedly, is a diehard Zaidi fan and harboured feelings for him till date so much so that even his reel persona could make her stomach do a flip flop and his real proximity made her brain cells go numb and look like a complete lost idiot unlike the confident baker, which usually she was. But things turn messy with Zain’s sudden and visible interest in Pia which was surprising and totally uncalled for. This puts her in a tight spot and then just when she thought that perhaps love stood a chance; things get haywire with ghosts from Zain’s past raising their ugly head. Also, apparent attempts at callous closure to his hook up story coming from the media houses and sleazy websites pose an underlying threat to their already impossible romance. Welcome to the crazy little World of Pia Shergill and Bollywood heartthrob, Zain Zaidi. Does love still have it to conquer all odds and win the game?


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