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Beautiful and ever-smiling Priya never thought of falling in love with the man of her dreams in an IT company, But it was Rahul, the handsome hunk any girl would fall for. The problem was, Rahul never forgot his dead fiancée…. And a love-struck Priya couldn’t imagine a life without him. The situation got worse when Rahul left for the US to help Priya forget him. He was proud of his decision until he started missing her badly… While Rahul wanted Priya back in his life, she lied in a state of Coma on a hospital bed. Can Rahul pull out Priya from her sure-death with his re-kindled love? Will Priya ever forgive him? Will there be a happy ending? Hold your breath while I present you a scintillating saga of love, hope & togetherness.


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