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The Forbidden Ramayana


A manuscript of a new version of Ramayana discovered in the hills of “Karbianglong” district of the state of Assam in India explains that there is nothing called God. God is an invention of human thoughts. Physically nothing exists that can be called as God. Everything with galaxies stars planets, universes can be termed as God. If the people of this world do not think there is God or if they do not worship God, there is no God for them. Animals do not have the power of thought. Therefore, God does not exist for animals. Searching for God or doing elaborate rituals is a useless exercise. There is no need to show respect to God as every object in this ‘Brahmand'(Universe) is a part of God.

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  • Author: Chiranjeev Bezbaruah
  • Genre: Fiction, Mythology
  • ISBN: 978-93-92423-02-4
  • Pages: 198 Pages
  • Country: India