A woman’s unclad corpse was discovered in her bed with a slashed throat and love juice in her nether regions. Her husband was found sitting in the selfsame bed with a bloody knife in his hand. Sixteen years later, women are getting killed in the same modus operandi. The same man accepts his crime readily. Things take a turn as another woman gets murdered in an identical manner when he is still behind bars. DSP Vishal Singh and Inspector Dibakar of CID are striving to decipher the mystery, and so is the reporter, Priya. When all their efforts start to hit dead ends, Priya unearths an old photograph, and Dibakar gets a strange letter, unlocking a new vista for the investigation. What new doors would these clues lead to? What truths, terrifying and harsh, would unravel as the sleuths try to unveil the facts that lie beneath the surface of the mystery behind the gory murders?


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