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Let’s live a smart life


A recipe for living a smart life! I don’t want to sell I want people to feel the need after reading the title of the book. A thinking pattern which is fixed from a very long time and I would say there are many misconceptions we believe in and because of it we don’t try the new things which can be beneficial for us. Taking into consideration how important it is to change the way we think about normal things and about the situations we came across in our daily life is very much required.
The book talks about that it’s not necessary to live with the fix process of life. So, one factor is common that everyone has these things or maybe go through the things which are mentioned in the book. So, why not make that thing work for everyone? My motive of presenting these chapters in front of people is that they should notice what actually happens in the life and how different thinking towards the thing which exist in a common way in our life can change many things around us.

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  • Author: Bhavya Jain
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • ISBN: 978-93-92423-14-7
  • Pages: 180 Pages
  • Country: India
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