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In a tale of adventure, fantasy, and warfare, a prophecy takes on an ancient enemy that strives to destroy all of mankind. More than a thousand years ago, a dark enemy had been imprisoned in the caves of Mount Hemil after the human community of Kushlam had come close to destruction. Trapped in the caverns, the enemy waited for the right time to spring back into the world of the living and built their armies in secret. They were Hajud-Mhajud, the dangerous monsters & evil ruler. The dark enemy of yore rises. Only an incarnation of Lord Vishnu has the power to defeat and destroy the enemy of Kushlam. A farmer from Bamiyan, unaware of what destiny has in store for him, is pushed into circumstances beyond his control. Will he accept that he is the prophesised Avatar? Who is this mysterious visitor? Will he able to save Kushlam from the shackles of misery and free the world from the fear of the trapped monsters who have found a way out of their infallible trap? And what is the secret to defeat the evil despot at the helm?


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