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Anu, an aspiring writer, wanted to write one bestselling book. Just one. The problem? The absence of a plot! That’s kinda essential, isn’t it? But she was having a hard time cracking an idea for her debut book. However hard she hammered her brain it could not produce a juicy little storyline. That day was just the same, her nose to the grindstone, as she tried to formulate an article. Mr. Husband, who’d been keenly observing her all along, joked at her scramble and wondered why she couldn’t pen down stories about her own life. Annnndddd… There it was… The Idea… She pushed the pencil on her real-life episodes. Tada… Mr. Husband unknowingly contributed to her potboiler with his witty punchlines and sarcasm. She continued inscribing one story after another and Voila! There it was! The book was ready! Want to know what the stories are? Flip the book to the front, admire the cover, open the book and then start turning the pages. And remember to read in between the page turns. Happy Reading! 😊


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