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It’s Past 8 O’clock


There’s a delicious little murder mystery brewing in the beautiful Samta village, requiring Detective Scott and his friend, Reporter Raelynn to go investigate.

In the middle of all the superstition and fear-mongering lies the village pond.

Vast as a lake in the light, and foreboding as a graveyard in the dark, this pond is the site of all the murders. And the bodies of the taken ones – human and animals – are never found.

Would Scott and Raelynn, with help of the local police force be able to uncover the mystery?? Or would they also be taken by the unseen menace that seems to haunt the pond?

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  • Author: Damian Don Williams
  • Genre: Horror / Mystery
  • ISBN: 978-81-951110-2-2
  • Pages: 102 Pages
  • Country: India

Damian Don Williams