Anna, on deathbed, recounts the story of her life. Is the story totally factual or is it a combination of reality, fiction, and imagination? What was or is the reality anyway? What is passing away? The memories, the deeds, and the stories will remain as long as any of the protagonists remain. The body is wasting away, memories fading away in the depths of the brain where they had been stored with such precision and care, and yet something will remain. Long after the bones and the earth accept each other as one, the thoughts and the love will continue to permeate the space. Anna recounts the details of her life at the house of the breeder. Her sister goes away perhaps forever, but the memories have remained. Will she meet her sister ever again? She tells us about her life in her forever home and her relationships with the other residents including Leo her partner, and her two children. The book takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions that Anna has experienced..


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