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‘Take me to your heart’ chronicles a day in the life of three close friends who are residents of 1205, Selimpur Lane. Naina, Raima and Sohini thought it will be just another regular day, preferably one when Luck favours them but then Life decides to throw them a curveball! Soon they found themselves at the end of their tethers as they navigate through the matters of hearts when the past collide with their present and relationships get entangled. And if that was not enough, they also have to confront the perils brought upon by clashes of egos and chaos created by their overly affectionate families and toxic people they have to deal with. Naina is a hearing-impaired software engineer whose love for Advay is put to test as they maneuver societal norms and family expectations. Raima had sworn-off relationships, but fate has a different plan when she’s forced to marry Dhruv, the very same man who broke her heart, years back. And Sohini must confront her past demons while fighting to uncover the truth behind a series of mishaps that threaten to ruin her friend’s wedding. It doesn’t help when the brother of the bride is her ex-fiancée, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants from her. Caught off-guard and vulnerable at the turn of events, the three women will take every ounce of their will and strength to weather the turmoil, unflinching, inseparable, and still standing tall for their dreams, love and family. Will their endurance and perseverance conquer all in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges? Will the three friends be able to take reins of their fate and stand their grounds against the roughest storms? Read on to find out more from this heartfelt tale of unconditional love and the power of second chances.


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