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A spy informed Magadhanaresh Mahasenagupta that the Kamarupapati was planning to attack Gauda and Magadha. Mahasenagupta led his army to defend his territory leaving behind his pregnant wife. He fought a valiant battle and returned victorious but a gift from the Kashinaresh transformed the mighty ruler into a weakling who would abandon his just-born son due to a prophecy.
Karnadeva, the ruler of Gauda, would later adopt this son and make him the Yuvaraja. This son was later to be known as the ‘Gaudeshwar’, the Emperor who unified the entire Bengal, liberated the land from the Magadhiya rule and established the first Empire of Bengal.
But, was he able to liberate his own fate from the prophecy? Has History remembered this great ruler as the man he was, or as someone he had never been? Was his name stained due to his actions or because of some biased prejudices?
Experience the journey of this great Maharajadhiraja and decide for yourself.
Just remember, “What is History but a fable agreed upon?”


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